Reviewed by DelphineM
on 30/01/2015 11:42

I have always been a fan of Sofia Coppola's work. I grew up watching The Virgin Suicides over and over again, making it one of my favourite films nowadays for the memories and the shock that it brought me.Having said that, I already had my doubts when I heard about her new project back in 2012: inspired by a true event's Vanity Fair article, the film would follow a group of bored rich youngsters obsessed with famous people to the point of intruding and robbing their homes. Even though the cast is a credible mix of renown actors (Emma Watson, Leslie Mann, Taissa Farmiga) and new comers (Katie Chang, Isreal Broussard), The Bling Ring never surpasses its own topic and remains superficial and empty. Sofia Coppola, as always, put a great effort into the soundtrack and gathered hype r'n'b and dance tunes to follow the group of teenagers. The crew got exclusive access to big houses in Hollywood, including Paris Hilton's very own home, showing the world her self-centered interior design, as one can only imagine. Overall, just like the rich kids from the film, I really just got bored.