Reviewed by josephcalingasa
on 28/03/2016 12:42

My thoughts upon seeing this film is this: there is an illusionary concept of tragedy and brutality that is suggested but in actuality there is none.  There are countless suggestive actions by the masked man, his sister and mother that are quite primitive and killer-like but then again,  these are elements that tend to add to the confusion, or should I say, to confuse viewers until the end what they really are.  The endless unrest of the masked man to find a chainsaw brings him to the basement only to find he's holding a blower equipment, that was strangely funny!  The title was in itself mind-boggling, was there ever an indication of a breakdown? I  somehow think there wasn't, but then again, let's give it the benefit of the doubt.  Nonetheless, the film was engaging for all its queerness and  cinematography was quite laudable.