Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 04/04/2016 10:49

Not very sure if I was able to grasp the message that the film wants to convey, but as I continue to watch its entirety I start to compare the scenes with what goes on with mankind.  I noticed that all of the persons have a switch on their backs and they  seem to go on a mad dash, no specific direction but  they all run into different directions, and for a decision they choose still more doors branch out into somewhere.  Somehow,  the lives of men in the real world follow a similar pattern,  the switch being motivation that drives them to go and make a dash on life. Motivation be it in the form of family, stature, riches and wealth, even greed. These switch on the fire on men,  the fire to make a dash into that wide somewhere called life, in search for deeper meaning of themselves.  Insightful and engaging, this is worth checking out, folks.