Reviewed by marygracedimala
on 29/06/2016 13:10

This horror movie came after the success of the first team up of filmmaker Chito Rono's and actress Kris Aquino's Feng Shui. In Filipino tradition, two marriages in the family in a year is considered bad luck. Sandy marries her long time partner, all seems well except for an apparition that appeared at the church wedding and the reception that followed. Streak of bad luck followed from the disappearance of the wedding entourage, Sandy's mother and her husband. A secret kept by the father suddenly revealed the reason for the tragedies in Sandy's life. Chito Rono is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Filipino horror movies. In this film he combines the thematic suspense of tradition and beliefs with appropriate locations and visuals. This may not surpass the cult classic Feng Shui but still stirs up the imagination and heighten the awareness on horror.