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Suka Ma Suka

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Suka Ma Suka

  • Indonesia
  • 2009
  • 90 minutes
  • Asian
  • Drama
  • Comedy

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Vishnu and Rezky are two handsome guy and play boy. Wisnu a photographer while Rezky TV station reporter. One day, Rezky oversleep in the office when he had to interview the Minister as a result he hit rap boss. Rezky decided to nyari boarding the deket with offices let me not oversleep again Rezky met with Vishnu in the same taxi, they both want to find a new boarding houses. They are attracted by the boarding house but unfortunately Tante Ria special boarding house for girls, they rejected. They then found a way, pretend so GAY couples, so Tante Ria change his mind and accept them. Here is the beginning of their journey of love. Their suffering is growing, while meeting with Bella, aunt niece Ria is beautiful. Rezky and Vishnu immediately and compete heavily fancied to be dapetin Bella Vishnu and Rezky doing funny things and stupid to get Bella. Will Bella know their lies and who among those selected by Bella?