Reviewed by GoldenMarie
on 08/12/2015 16:56

I must not have been in the right mood to see this one, but oh boy, was I bored! And what's up with the "new badass Bond girls"? I didn't see any of that in SPECTRE. Instead I watched yet other useful female characters (that being said, I don't think male characters were of any more use). Poor Monica Bellucci deserves better than playing the cliché aging Italian mama and I wasn't particularly convinced by Lea Seydoux. The opening sequence might be the only satisfying action scene and it doesn't even have anything to do with the rest of film. The scenario seems too easy and empty. Don't get me started on the role of the vilain, where poor Christoph Waltz plays a parody of himself and his previous roles of vilains. SPECTRE didn't deserve the hype for sure as I was not even slightly entertained (more like falling asleep). Even SKYFALL made more sense and had more substance.