Reviewed by Chorley
on 31/08/2015 15:05

Wow. What a trip this film is! In the first ten minutes we are shuttled from Vera Cruz to Jerusalem to Paris to New Jersey where we bear witness to bombings, subterfuge and a botched robbery, all pulled off in that bold, frenetic style Friedkin is known for. Once we are introduced to our protagonists from the corners of the earth, we are shown them slumming it in a remote mining village in central America. When a life-threatening opportunity to escape this hell-hole is presented to them, they jump at it, only to gradually realize that when everything including the elements stand against you, you have to go a little crazy in order to survive... I won't go too much into the plot but I was reminded a lot of Fitzcarraldo - it has that sort of bombastic lunacy to it. How did a film like this even end up getting made!? Unfairly maligned upon its release, this is, in my opinion, Friedkin's best film.