Reviewed by Chorley
on 19/09/2016 17:37

It really is about time American audiences got the joke about how ridiculous cinema is getting. The excellent 'Jason X' from back in 2003, an slasher movie about a resurrected psycho hacking up teens in space, and 2000's 'Deep Rising', about a giant squid sucking passengers down toilets on board a luxury cruise liner, both flopped stateside yet found considerable success over on our isles. They were both films that ripped the piss out of tired, cliche-ridden genres that needed a kick up the jacksy. If it wasn't for the wacky title and tremendous buzz surrounding 'Snakes on a Plane', this would have been yet another low-budget box-office actioner. Another factor that may have contributed to this film's success may be a very simple one. It features snakes. Just look at 'Anaconda' and its silly sequel, both made millions. I don't know what subconscious impulse drives us to pay to see people get squished and snapped at by crazed serpents, but it is a theory I'm willing to defend.