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The death of a shaman may not be accepted by the Earth!!!
  • Indonesia
  • 2002
  • 87 minutes
  • Asian
  • Horror

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Kuntet has a Guru named Mbah Gulung. However, in order to be his disciple, Kuntet must fulfill some rules and regulations and one of them is to give his soul to his Guru so that Kuntet can have the power of black magic. After his power was given, he became more obsessed on his activity and he became very enthusiastic in order to become a high-civil servant in his village. But his dream became more far ahead from him when the death of the children on that village resurrect the attention of the citizens and Kuntet became one of the suspect who did the killings with his power even though there isn't really a strong proof to convince that Kuntet is the one. Kuntet has always been muffling with the anger of the citizens. He swear that if he really has killed people with his power, then when he die, his body will will not be accepted by the Earth. Time goes by, the day has comes. He accidentally died when his power became out of control and killed him. His oath was done! His body was buried...