Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 22/07/2016 11:29

Very engaging film that will make you laugh but will also make you emotional during the latter part. The lead characters Naoto and Sebastian are two very opposite individuals, while the former is Japan-born and bred, meek and mild-mannered the latter is Western-bred, egoistic, loud and seems to have deep-rooted anger bordering on racism. These cousins are on a quest to track the girl whom Naoto is committed to but doesn't know what became of and the discovery proved to be very  heartbreaking.  Still the film ends on a positive note, with Sebastian finally able to confront his own idiosyncracies and faults, thanks to that eye-opening scene with the book author lady. This may be a low-budgeted film with scenes mostly done on close-up and with limited coverage, but it's affecting and moving on its own.  You should better watch this and get to discover what sake-bomb is, too!