Reviewed by josephcalingasa
on 12/03/2016 11:15

The film tackles the father and son relationship typical among families who are mostly busy with work or business.  On his 18th birthday the son gets invited to the birthday party of a girl who's also the apple of his eyes but his father disapproves as he has work to do being the errand boy of their grocery shop.  Jae Lee goes to the girl's party still,  but ends up brokenhearted as the girl gets  cozy with someone else.  Upon his return to their store,  father and son figure in a confrontation and their relationship becomes severed.  A cake from his mother brings Jae Lee to tears  and the film ends with the father left alone in the store.  While the viewers wish for a more hopeful ending,  the film leaves the ending for the viewers to conclude.  Great cinematography and commendable acting!