Reviewed by DelphineM
on 02/02/2016 18:51

Definitely my favourite for this years's awards season. From the outstanding acting performances from both cute little boy Jacob Tremblay and now it-girl Brie Larson, to the perfectly sensitive screenplay, ROOM just nails how to portray a dramatic story without being melodramatic. Fortunately, I've never found myself in such situation (never been kidnapped and put into a shed for 7 years... Yet), but I could relate so much to the characters that it can only mean that the reactions are genuine and natural. I don't how much research the cast and crew made on similar stories (like Natascha Kampusch or Elizabeth Fritzl for instance) - whatever it was, it was the right amount. The work around framing and cinematography is also to be noted, having to work in such small area and then expand to the "rest of the world". Forget The Revenant, Carol, The Danish Girl... Go see Room please!