Reviewed by MaeMaeDecena
on 11/03/2016 07:10

Rice is a very simple film that shows discipline and determination in a very awful hardship of one apprentice.For normal people who does not practice the art of anything (LOL), cooking rice is simply turning the cooker on and wait for the "click" sound and we are done! If we love the taste of rice we eat it, if we don't we buy a different kind. But in this film, rice has a higher and more traditional value that we must not take fro granted; cooking it, is an art. With the right temperature, the right timing, you could impress this master and be an excellent student - THAT IS, if you can. Building tolerance for criticism, determination to achieve excellence and the discipline to be precise are the qualities that this short film intends to convey to its viewer. So don't get irritated while watching! :) Tolerance is the key.