Reviewed by jeteli
on 18/07/2016 14:59

As a first feature film of young director Halkawt Mustafa, this is genuinely impressive! The sweeping landscapes and the impressive cinematography entices viewers and the simply- told story, which unfolds scene after scene will hold you captive.  Beyond the romance and forbidden love, this film also tackles the many conflicts of a life lived with no real direction where it's leading and of a woman's very trusting character, putting her into real danger.  Very interesting to know that the director was born right in the place where the film was extensively shot, in Kurdistan.  Commendable acting performances especially by the actress who portrays the role of Shirin,  she moves and acts naturally but she has beguiling features and expressions that will move you.  Director Mustafa has a very promising future in film making. Do check out this film folks.