Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 11/10/2016 07:16

I've heard and seen quite a few viral videos lately about men getting pregnant but  this movie I'd say is a first of its kind!  While the issues tackled here may not be all that new,  which is mostly about relationship of a couple and the conflicts and struggles of a gay couple, among others, the mere fact that it features pregnancy by a male makes it extraordinary! Jacob York as the pregnant Greg pulls it off quite well and seems comfortable with the bulging tummy and all and the support cast were splendid particularly Charlie David as Greg's partner and Chris Salvatorre as the doula who assisted Greg during the homebirth. Of all the scenes, it was the scene where Greg was giving birth that had a great impact because not everyday do we see scenes like these even in the movies!  I still have to witness a male giving birth in my whole life but watching one,  even in the movies, just really gives viewers a whole load of mixed emotions! This is definitely a must-watch especially if you're the curious type!