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Paper Boats

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Paper Boats

Perahu Kertas
  • Indonesia
  • 2012
  • 111 minutes
  • Drama
  • Asian

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The story focuses on the roller-coaster relationship of Kugy; an aspiring fairytale writer who loves to make paper boats from origami, and Keenan; a talented painter who is forced to study Economics. Their group of friends also consists of Noni; Kugy's childhood friend, and Eko; Noni's boyfriend and also Keenan's cousin. They admire each other and begin to secretly fall in love. However, Kugy and Keenan seem unable to express their feelings because of the obstacles occurred along the way, such as Kugy's current relationship with Ojos, who seems to not understand her unique habits; Wanda, Noni's friend who becomes close to Keenan; Keenan's escape to Bali to learn how to paint; and Remi, Kugy's boss, with whom she later develop a relationship. Just like an origami paper boat that flows on the river, their love story has to face obstacles and unfavorable circumstances.