Reviewed by sharonmae
on 13/04/2016 17:04

Brilliantly executed, heartfelt and intense!  This film  explores  an unlikely friendship that developed between  a young woman and an elderly man who seems to have schizophrenic tendencies and also has a sickness.   These two persons get into a  candid and personal conversation after the old man saves her from a pervert detective.  When the old man suffered an attack the young woman accompanies him to the hospital but  when she goes home she was assaulted by the detective, but thanks to the old man's dog she was saved from danger.  Naomi Scott shines in this film and  she was totally in control,   great support was fully given by Lech Dyblik as the elderly man and Nick Moran as the detective. Impressive plot and over-all it is one engaging film.   Don't fail to watch this, folks!