Reviewed by jeteli
on 05/10/2016 13:50

A surprise gem from Israel! This movie  is hauntingly real and an eye-opener where it concerns dealing with a loved one who has a mental disability.  Chelli and Gabby have a unique bond and the mentally disabled Gabby wholly depends on Chelli to tend to her needs. But it's also curious to note that while Chelli is the normal sister she has yet to come to grips where it concerns jealousy and this she manifests when Gabby goes to a day care center and later when Zohar, her boyfriend, came to live with them.  There's a shocking event at the latter part of the film that will smash your heart to pieces. Impressive performances from Ben-Shlush as Chelli and Dana Ivgy as Gabby. Ivgy's portrayal of the mentally disabled  sister was so convincing and she was up to the role, from the gait, to the mannerisms up to the distorted teeth.  Truly, a film that deserves an international audience and which already won numerous awards at various filmfests like the Tokyo Filmfex and Chicago International Film Festival.  Truly a must-see!