Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 05/10/2016 13:19

A very affecting, intense and very realistic movie! The story of Chelli and her mentally unstable sister Gabby is one that is both inspirational and gripping, something that will move viewers and confront them with the grim truth that surrounds mental disability and the struggles that loved ones of these people have to go through. Chelli is admirable for her patience and sacrifice towards her sister, the mother failed to understand Gabby and that fact was quite surprising to know. Viewers will somehow get the idea that Gabby was an unwanted child for how could a mother easily neglect her?  Very impressive performances from  Ben Shlush and Dana Ivgy,  truly remarkable Ivgy! A very powerful film from Director Asaf Korman who is the real-life husband of Ben Shlush, who is also wrote the film's screenplay based on her real-life experiences. Truly a must-watch!