Chile, 2009, 99 minutes, SD
Navidad Synopsis

It’s Christmas Eve, Aurora and Alejandro have run away to a secluded cabin in the hills outside Santiago. Their plan is to spend this time alone and get to know each other in every way. As they continue to experiment with each other bodies, jealousy starts to creep in. Alejandro discovers some letters from the mysterious Luisa, a girl who is in love with Aurora. He becomes paranoid about the secret relationship and Aurora’s plans to spend New Year’s Eve with this girl in Argentina.

Alejandro is no longer interested in a relationship and leaves the cabin, but finds Alicia, unconscious in the greenhouse. Aurora persuades Alejandro to stay and the couple nurse Alicia back to health, becoming more and more intrigued by this attractive young woman.

The feeling of sensual tension starts to simmer and their fascination with each other starts to grow. As Christmas approaches, the three troubled teenagers dance, drink, and share their minds and bodies, eventually discovering a closeness that will soothe their alienation and loneliness, even if only for the night…

From the director of GLORIA, and starring a trio of new Chilean talent, Alicia Rodriguez (YOUNG & WILD), Maniella Martelli (MY LAST ROUND) and Diego Ruiz (DRAMA), NAVIDAD is an intriguing, emotional tale about what happens when you just let yourself go.

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