Reviewed by ricke17
on 02/09/2015 19:23

I was given the DVD for my birthday and I have to say that this is a truly moving film. It centres around a gay couple: Diego and Fabrizio, who both have successful careers until a shock tragedy puts Fabrizio in a coma in hospital. Whilst Diego has to manage this along with the indirect homophobia of his 'in-laws' who don't allow him to see his partner, an ex-lover whom he had conceived a son with is in desperate need for him to look after the son he has rarely seen. In this coming of age film, based in Venezuela, you'll laugh, cry and resonate with the characters. The road trip at the end (which as Priscilla elements to it) is a fit end to the film. The ending will have you in tears and you'll be desperate to know what happens to all the characters. This is a movie that you should see! I enjoyed it so much.