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My Bromance

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My Bromance

Phi chai
  • Thailand
  • 2014
  • 119 minutes
  • LGBT
  • Coming of Age
  • Asian

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"Golf" lives in a large house, but a broken home. His father is often away on business, and his unmarried aunt is unhappy. He resents the loss of his mother, and is aggressive and hot-tempered, deprived of his father's attention. A new wife arrives with a teenage son, a few months younger than "Golf". "Bank", on the other hand, is gentle, considerate and sweet-natured, and hopes his new family will accept him. But his arrival is resented by his new brother. Before they accept each other as "Brothers", they must learn the art of living together, to overcome the obstacles of their surroundings, and gradually fall in love. Are they brothers or lovers?