Reviewed by edwinjamescalin
on 25/07/2016 15:04

This film has a powerhouse cast led by Eugene Domingo, a top-ace comedienne and Ms. Maricel Soriano, touted as the Diamond Star of Philippine movies.  The latter is called as such for her extensive filmography and being a box-office star in the past years. Interestingly, Ms. Soriano entered showbiz when she was just a kid, making her one of the movie veterans to date.  While she's good at drama roles, Ms. Soriano has also been greatly associated with comedy films and in this movie she shows off her comedic flair to a T.  Ms. Domingo didn't waste any moment to be upstaged as she also delivered a scathing performance as Ms. Soriano's mortal enemy in this film, a story quite cliche but still used in films all too often.  Sadly though, the film tends to be boring at times, since while it illicits laughs from the audience the bickerings can dull the viewers' attention. A saving grace would be the young set of actors in this film like Billy Crawford and Andy Eigenmann although I would have to say that the forces in the movie are definitely Ms. Soriano and Eugene Domingo.