Reviewed by lenidecastro
on 27/06/2016 14:05

It’s a brand new concept…a testing the waters thing, a  wild attempt as some would say but Thamrongratanaritt sees the potential of it and he wants to prove to the world that it can be done. It is something that conservatives will scowl at but aren’t all new things supposed to start from the unsteady and even the unreal? The light bulb took numerous failures for the inventor to prove that it can be done. I am not implying, however, that this film is a failure for, in fact, at first try, it’s fascinated audiences here and abroad. Tweets flashing on screen to guide the viewer or to allow some leeway for the actor, is genius. Some may take it for a kind of subtitle which it is not but which achieves what a subtitle does including allow the viewer to climb one more rung further.