Reviewed by edwinjamescalin
on 05/10/2016 16:30

An intense and no-holds barred look on the violence and upheaval during the apartheid regime of SA. What makes this film unique, adding a sense of relevance and film realism, was the fact that this was made right under the noses of apartheid censors, in the process outwitting them in believing the crew were filming what's on the supposed script. The real script was made when the censors are nowhere near; that of a thief ( mapantsula) who is politicized in an apartheid jail.  The political unrest was clearly evident in the upheavals and the protests of the  citizens as cited in the film.  The thief is played by SA actor Thomas Mogotlane who is commendable for his portrayal as a  thug. This film won the One Future Prize at the Munich Film Festival in 1989. Worth checking out!