Reviewed by Sasha1988
on 21/05/2015 08:57

Self-indulgent in the extreme (leading man is a filmmaker, his baby is named after the director, posters of much better classic movies adorning the set design), this really shouldn't have been trumpeted so much in Cannes before its debut, effectively kneecapping it. It's a pity, as it is beautifully photographed, but you just can't get away from the sense that the oh-la-la factor that was hyped just isn't here. Passionate lovemaking and all the stickiness that follows, sure, but what about an actual story? The performances are pedestrian, tons of hetero-normative ignorance from an unpleasant lead, woe-is-me angst masquerading as a searing portrayal of tortured youth, I could go on... Looks lovely, but what a disappointment.