Reviewed by josephcalingasa
on 19/09/2016 10:18

This is a very introspective look on the life of a non-conformist, carefree, kinda rude but deep inside a very lonely and desolate young lady. Sarah has a tinge of independence yet she becomes clingy to a guy, she is quite liberated but still goes to her father for refuge. This is, in a way, a story of a girl at the crossroads, wanting to belong, yearning for love and acceptance, but especially understanding. There are heartwarming scenes but there are also those that will disturb viewers. There's so much to learn from Sarah's story, because in a way, it resonates a lot of what the youth of today somehow experiences, especially during that part regarding parental issues.  For me, the title is not so much a show of pleading to be loved by a man but more so, also an inner shout of protest on Sarah's side to be loved by her father.  Engrossing and worth checking out!