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Love is Never Far

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Love is Never Far

  • Colombia
  • Russia
  • Israel
  • Singapore
  • Canada
  • USA
  • 2022
  • 95 minutes
  • LGBT
  • Compilation
  • Drama

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A neglected wife finds hope in a friendly stranger, a single mother finds love in the most unfortunate of places, and a shy young wallflower gets a little closer to knowing what she wants by trying what she doesn't.

A collection of five tender stories that show us, no matter where you are, Love is Never Far.

Buried Alive dir. Rodrigo Trujillo Sanchez
Lorena is locked in what appears to be a coffin. Her feet are tied with a belt and she has little room to move. Fear seizes her, but she manages to calm down and, after several struggles, cuts loose. Now, in a battle between desperation, fear, anxiety and courage, she fights the box with all her strength, until she defeats it. Lorena is unconfined now. She is, in many ways, free.

East Coast Park Lovers dir. Li Lin Wee
Three sets of lovers are at a popular stretch of beach in Singapore on a Sunday, each one feeling that they are losing faith in some way. By the waves, their lives become intertwined with a little song, a little courage and a little connection.

One Third dir. Danielle Shvalboym
A story based on real events, set in a seaside city on the Russian-Chinese border, portraying a relationship between a mother, a daughter and her girlfriend.

First Kiss dir. Margaret Donahoe
Going to a bonfire where she knows almost no one, Maggie takes a passive role in the shape her evening takes and is swept along, first by her friend Julia, then by a cute stranger. Separating her own desires from external expectations is difficult, so when she gets her first kiss, it might be less than magical, but it might also bring her one step closer to clarity.

Orange Blossoms dir. Danica Dodds and Devin Schiro
Emily suffers in a toxic relationship but things begin to change when a mysterious woman suddenly appears in her life.