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Locked Up

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Locked Up

  • Germany
  • 2005
  • 90 minutes
  • Drama
  • LGBT

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Shot almost entirely in an abandoned Eastern German prison, Locked Up is a full-blown prisoner romance featuring lots of nudity and plenty of studs in (and out of) prison garb. The incredibly adorable Dennis (Schlutt) is sent to prison after he's caught using fraudulent credit cards. He's reticent to get involved with the low-life drug dealers on his cell-block, but there seems little choice - it's either that or rape. Getting tired of pacing his cell, he looks out the window as a hunky black man is digging a hole in the ground. Our hole-digger, Mike (Sale) is on another block and he's instantly attracted to the adorable Dennis and who wouldn't be? They manage to hook up during recreation period and their first kiss scares Dennis off, but he goes back for more. What kind of prison is this? There are voyeuristic gay guards (inspired by Genet's Un Chant D'Amour,) a punk who likes to be spit on and the warden entertain requests for lovers to room together!

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