Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 18/10/2016 15:47

Viewers would immediately be drawn to this movie because of the stellar cast, from Paolo Contis to Michael De Mesa and  Maricel Laxa.  However, while the story is quite interesting and rarely explored,  that of one's connection to the local cuisine,  there were quite a handful of sub-plots that were quite a distraction.  While the film centers on Fidel, there are issues concerning his family that he becomes embroiled with, like teenage pregnancy and jealousy, among others. Nevertheless, the performances are commendable; Paolo Contis was impressive as Fidel and draws in a lot of emotion and was convincing as a kitchen savvy guy. Michael de Mesa as his Tiyo Pinoy commands attention and rightly so, as he's one of the most bankable and known veteran dramatic actors in the local film industry.  Worth checking out!