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Like the First Time

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Like the First Time

  • Canada
  • South Korea
  • Chile
  • Brazil
  • USA
  • 2022
  • 112 minutes
  • LGBT
  • Drama
  • Compilation
  • Coming of Age

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A long walk home sets the scene for young romance, a trip to the beach becomes an opportunity for quiet reflection and self-acceptance, a naïve mother uncovers the secret life of her daughter, and a sullen teenager sees a new side to her mother.

Re-live the journey of young love through six coming-of-age stories exploring chance encounters and hidden longings.

The Pick Up dir. Giovanna Chesler
A sullen teen, resentful of her divorcing parents, doesn’t like their controlling ways. So when her mom picks her up late from swim practice and gets a flat tire along the way, she sulks. That is until a mysterious and intriguing stranger comes to help.

So Shiny dir. Park Eun-gyoung
The weather is so beautiful and shiny today. While Chae Yeon has failed another audition, Jiho has to go to the army next Monday, and Youjeong is quite busy with her term paper and a part-time job. Youjeong notices that her best friend Chae Yeon likes Jiho, so she decides to encourage Chae Yeon to confess her love to Jiho.

Breakwater dir. Cris Lyra
A group of friends from São Paulo go on a trip to a remote beach. While they wait for the new year, they build a safe and loving environment through music and friendship. They take care of each other and they feel free.

El Carteo dir. María Francisca Escobar Nachar
Before MSM, Facebook, and universal access to the internet, kids communicated in a more simple form: using paper and pencil. The year is 1997. Hundreds of love notes are exchanged between the girls’ school and the boys’ institute. Piñi, a shy girl with a deep secret, sees the note-a-thon as the ideal opportunity to get closer to the one who has stolen her heart: her best friend, Lizzie.

Mother-in-Law dir. Shin Seung-eun
When Hyoung-suk visits her daughter Hyun-seo’s room to give her some Kimchi, she encounters Min-jin, her daughter's friend. Initially, Hyoung-suk is displeased with Min-jin living at her daughter's place as if it were her own. But as she gets to know Min-jin, she begins to open her mind and cooks a meal for her. And then Hyun-seo comes in drunk...

Girls Shouldn't Walk Alone at Night dir. Katerine Martineau
After a late night high school graduation party, Chantal and Delphine find themselves walking home alone in the dark. Lost in the forest, their long night walk is punctuated by carelessness and an irrepressible desire to exist.