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Let the Stars Dancing

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Let the Stars Dancing

Biarkan Bintang Menari
  • Indonesia
  • 2003
  • Asian
  • Musical

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Geri "Grey" Kertasasmita and Neyna Neviana are childhood friends. They grew up in Cimelati, a small village near Bandung, West Java. Neyna are very fond of fairytale stories, and Grey is very fond of Neyna. Both children spend their evenings playing prince and princess. Life couldn't be more perfect for both of them. Until one day Grey's family moved to Jakarta. And their friendship ended abruptly. Nine years later, both meet again in Jakarta, This time Neyna, a young innocent teenage girl straight from her village, eager to see what the big city has in store for her, disappointed in the change she sees in Grey. He is not the charming and sweet childhood friend Neyna remembered him to be. But a restless, rebellious and often angry young man who will never keep anyone close. Can Neyna bring back the friend she used to know and adore in him? Biarkan Bintang Menari is a story about long lost friendship, love and the ability to remain loyal to ones dream. - Written by Mike Kingcaid