Reviewed by marcosibanezodonnell
on 27/10/2014 11:57

Japan’s enfant terrible Takashi Miike strikes again with Lesson of Evil, a truly entertaining and bloody spectacle with the unmistakable director’s print. One can understand how it is often described as the perfect mash-up between “Confessions” and “Battle Royale”, as it keeps the perfect balance between the complex private life of high school students and the bloodshed that follows when the not-so-charming professor decides to go on a killing spree. Miike slowly builds up to its gore climax by digging deeper into the very unconventional and unsettling life of the main character. And when he does, boy does he like to have fun! Lesson of Evil is a laugh-out-loud film that will slightly make you feel bad after perversely enjoying it so much. If you are a Takashi Miike fan, this is definitely a must watch!