Reviewed by jeteli
on 24/10/2016 17:30

What I noticed easily with the film was the good-looking lead actors Steven Sandvoss who plays Aaron Davis, a  Mormon missionary, and Wes Ramsey who portrays the character of Christian Markelli, a happy go lucky waiter.  These two characters are definitely poles apart yet they are brought together by the powerful clutch of love and romance.  It's interesting to note that the idea of this film came upon its director C. Jay Cox when he chanced upon an old photo of himself as Mormon missionary. The movie also shows how gay members are persecuted and expelled because of being gay.  Heartwarming and genuinely well-acted,  I also appreciate the fact that the intimate scenes were shot and handled tastefully so that it doesn't appear degrading at all. Sensitive and insightful, this is a must-watch!