Reviewed by josephcalingasa
on 02/08/2016 13:07

Heartwarming Russian comedy-drama film by director Mikhalkov! The multi-awarded director ( he won an Academy Award for the film "Burnt by the Sun") brilliantly brings out the intensity in the characters' performances led by Nonna Mordyukova as the mother who visits her daughter and family in the city.  There are countless funny scenes and I personally found the mother-daughter scenes as comically endearing; there is an unmistakable mother-daughter bond that's so uniquely theirs. Mordyukova, a well-respected Russian actress is at her best element and fits her role to a T. Another unforgettable scene would be that of Mordyukova and son in law (played by Yuri Bogatyryov) dancing in a restaurant. The characters are all peculiarly unique, even the little girl Irisha, she has a character so unique and with a comedic aura.  This is a fun family movie that you'll enjoy especially if you're interested in Russian culture and movies.