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  • Poland
  • 2014
  • 92 minutes
  • Drama

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Karski’s biography would make a perfect film script. He escaped from Soviet captivity, survived tortures at Gestapo dungeons, smuggled secrets across borders and informed Western politicians about the fate of Jews under Nazi occupation. For many, he is a man who tried to stop genocide. Jan Karski remains a man of mystery even today. Maciej Wierzyński, a TVN24 editor knew him personally. He thinks that Karski’s story will continue to evoke curiosity of researchers for a long time. The journalist describes Karski as an ordinary man entangled in history. The TV Theatre performance is based on a script written by the show’s director and Dominik W. Rattinger. Magdalena Łazarkiewicz’s drama updates the setting: two young filmmakers are working on a featured documentary about Karski. This convention sets the story in a contemporary reality but at the same time enables archival material to be used. The show focuses mainly on the years of World War II. The post-war fate of the protagonist is reported in dialogues. Karski’s biography is a material for a powerful drama. It also stimulates reflection upon contemporary times. Is the emissary’s attitude still relevant? Are we prone to compassion and changing the world for the better? Or perhaps we got used to evil and no longer react to it?