Reviewed by sharonmae
on 23/06/2016 13:25

I gave this an almost perfect 5 stars not only because it stars Eugene Domingo, the bankable Filipina comedienne with sharp acting chops, but also because the story is engaging and will give you a very vital lesson in the end. Domingo as Bechayda is so attuned to her character, she acts out scene by scene with utmost ease, confidence and mastery. She is a comedienne, yes, but she's also a convincing drama actress, credit that to the years she's had as support cast for various telenovelas, it surely honed  her to the hilt! Viewers will realize at the end of the film that deception and lying will never lead you anywhere. I enjoin you to watch this film and get to know the colorful characters you can't help but relate to, in one way or another!