Reviewed by lenidecastro
on 26/02/2016 13:24

Change is the inevitable and relentless force that brings the separated aspects of life together.  It is swift, certain and constant. And for us humans, to not be left out – to not be lost in the eddy, we must learn to dance to its beat. Jakarta is a perfect example of a megacity that is constantly undergoing change emulating the rest of the world.  This is the story of three women who find themselves in the swirl of this inescapable force, the difficulties of adjustment, conformity and the struggle to keep true to themselves and their uniqueness and identities. It is the story of Gia, returning from New York City and adjusting to a new life with old love Naomi who’s found solace in the emptiness of materiality. It tells also about Indri’s dream of greener pastures and Surya who frequents a lounge where Sofia, her deceased husband’s lover, works. It tells about adjustment and resilience, and in the end, the patient interpretation of life’s hostilities.