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I'm Being Me

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I'm Being Me

  • Spain
  • Colombia
  • Venezuela
  • USA
  • 2020
  • 94 minutes
  • Compilation
  • LGBT
  • Romance
  • Drama

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These characters are navigating life in a world with no rulebook on gender, sexuality or femininity. Will it make them, or break them?

An anthology of award-winning shorts exploring stories of coming out and embracing love through the eyes of visionary filmmakers.

The Visitor (dir. Ferran Mendoza Soler)

Georgia and Olivia are in love. When it's time to meet the family, Georgia discovers that Olivia's world is filled with silent rules that threaten to pull them apart.

Victor XX (dir. Ian Garrido López)

What would happen if you didn't feel comfortable with your body? What if you decided to experience with your gender?

SU (dir. Laia Foguet)

Su goes back home after many years, to a past she has avoided for far too long.

Alma (dir. Santiago León Cuéllar)

Alma has just entered a new high school and her classmate, Víctor, invites her to a party. The transition of her body and her hidden desires, lead Alma to face her inner fears and thus take the first step to love herself as she is.

Disco Inferno (dir. Alice Waddington)

A weary hell minion is on a mission to rescue her boss. But the Devil is not willing to return to her daily routine...

El Destetado (dir. Héctor Silva Núñez)

Jairo is a native young man from Venezuela who was born with no nipples. Distanced from the customs of his people, he explores in the city a male ideal to belong to.