Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 16/03/2016 02:18

How does it feel when someone dear to you, like your husband or wife, completely forgets who you are because of an illness?  This is what is explored in this poignant film about a husband coming to terms with his wife's  condition.  The wife is bent on her desire to run away from the institution in the hope of going to Malacca and the husband (Ah Fa), with his deep concern and love for his wife,  has the perfect solution with the help of  pictures and modern technology.  This touching film's other charm, aside from the laudable cinematography was the cheeky conversations between husband and wife.  I was particularly smiling when the wife said: " But how did Ah Fa managed to get a beautiful wife?" Everyone should watch this film, whether you're a parent or a child because one gets realizations and greater understanding from this very poignant flick.