Reviewed by snakeeyes
on 16/06/2016 11:09

It’s a humongous wait for anything scary to happen in this plodding Canuck horror (or ‘canuxploitation’) which, despite a spiritedly nasty opening scene involving a rape and savage dogs, quickly barrels downhill. First we are introduced to a bevy of braindead boating teens who spend a good half hour bickering before picking up a stranded sailor who has both ‘red herring’ and ‘dead meat’ written all over him. After another twenty minutes of wandering about aimlessly and yet more bickering we eventually come to witness the ‘Humongous’ of the title, mmmmm ok. There is a brilliantly hokey boat ‘explosion’ to spice things up, and an unintenionally amusing final reveal, but that’s about it. This must be the only film where I enjoyed the opening credits montage more than anything else. It even warranted a rewind/rewatch: a series of matte/colorized photographs and accompanying sax jingle which feel like they’ve come from an entirely different film.