Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 21/09/2016 14:20

Music they say is a universal language and that it is a powerful force that  can transform, heal and unite people together.  This documentary on the vibrant and evolving music industry in South Africa is changing the perspectives of people from around the globe with regard its people and country. It takes us on a journey of the evolving electronic music genre and other up and coming genres that trace its roots in South Africa  which have been getting attention from other nations.  Various interviews of music producers , rappers and DJs can be seen in this documentary film and it gives viewers information as well as awareness on the struggles and means that these local music afficionados went through to finally be recognized.  Indeed, the dawn of the internet era has played a major role in the introduction and proliferation of these upcoming futuristic sounds, bringing about more vibrance and life to the music scene and encouraging further musical talents.  Get to know about the colorful and rich culture of South Africa through their music, dance and arts with this film.  Do check this out!