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Fridays Ghost

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Fridays Ghost

  • South Africa
  • 1980
  • 75 minutes
  • African
  • Drama
  • Supernatural

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It’s been three months since Simon’s father passed away and to date his house has been left abandoned. Simon and Friday arrive one day to find their friend, Ntombi, waiting for them. The trio enter the house to do an inspection, and Friday soon becomes convinced the place is haunted, refusing to be left alone at any time. Simon, not sharing Friday’s supernatural suspicions, finds his friend’s nervousness amusing. That night, however, Friday becomes even more convinced the house is haunted when he believes he sees a ghost in the middle of the night.

The plot thickens when Raufus, a local thug wanting Ntombi’s hand in marriage, sets his sights on owning Simon’s father’s farm, claiming he is owed money by the deceased father. But Simon has no intention of letting his father’s land go. Raufus and a fellow thug break into the house and, after being confronted by Simon, flee in terror, believing they’ve actually seen a ghost – which they in fact did!

The ghost turns out to be Simon’s late father, there to help and guide them all. Friday overcomes his insane fear of the supernatural and together with Simon and Nthombi, they follow the ghost’s instructions in order to defeat Raufus and save the day.