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French Frights

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French Frights

  • France
  • 2020
  • 81 minutes
  • Compilation
  • Horror

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They’re only stories… or are they? Delve into these terrifying French shorts for some quick scares, if you dare. A compilation of Horror shorts from daring French filmmakers.

Wake the Dead (Réveiller les morts) dir. Morgan Simon

Two brothers decide to revive what still unites them, one last time.

Chaos dir. Sébastien Petit

A car drives on a lonely highway in the middle of nowhere. Aboard, a man is listening to the radio to keep himself awake when everything switches off: the radio, the car engine, the street lighting, his cell phone and his watch.

Junior dir. Julia Ducournau

Justine, who goes by Junior, is a 13-year-old tomboy with pimples and a unique sense of humor. After unexpectedly contracting a stomach virus, her body becomes home to a bizarre metamorphosis.

Interview with a Zombie (Entretien avec un zombie) dir. Olivier Chateau

Following the slaughter of one of their own, the undead have gone on strike. A journalist team receives their spokesperson accompanied by his trainer for an exclusive interview.

Babysitting Story dir. Vincent Smitz

During a babysitting, Sarah tells her friend Julie a scary story that took place in the area...