Reviewed by Chorley
on 15/04/2015 09:06

What a bore this film was. I was lucky, I suppose you could say, to have seen this at a special preview screening with Wim Wenders in attendance. I should have known that with Wenders only introducing it and not hanging around for a Q&A that the writing was on the wall. Why this painfully long, drab and uninteresting story was filmed in 3-D I have no idea - nothing at all is enhanced by the lensing. The female supporting cast are completely wasted in weak, underwritten roles and the script is so eyeball-rollingly flat. I'm scrabbling around to find positive things to say about it, only because it is a Wim Wenders film (!) Perhaps the worst thing about it is James Franco. The best thing? You could do a mean drinking game with all the shots of characters framed by windows and door frames. For a film about grief to inspire viewers to line up shot glasses raises this above 1 star.