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Ekspedisi Madewa

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Ekspedisi Madewa

  • Indonesia
  • 2006
  • 97 minutes
  • Asian
  • Adventure

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Suikoden III is told primarily from the perspectives of three different characters: Hugo, son of the Karaya clan chief, Chris, the female leader of the famed "Six Knights" of the Zexen Federation, and Geddoe, a secretive man who leads the 12th unit of Harmonia's Frontier Defense Force. When plans for a peace treaty between Zexen and the tribes of Grassland are shattered mere hours before its signing, the threat of war between the nations escalates. Separately, the three protagonists begin to realize that the tensions were reignited intentionally by outside forces from Harmonia, and that the fate of Zexen and Grassland rests in the hands of the Flame Champion, a supposedly immortal hero that disappeared fifty years beforehand. Taking separate paths, they simultaneously arrive at the Flame Champion's resting place, only to discover that the great hero chose to abandon his immortality and passed away long ago