Reviewed by Sarich
on 26/04/2015 13:41

Angie Dickinson makes a remarkable performance. Although brief, she is able to show different emotions just with her face and delicacy of movements and almost with no dialogue.\r\nMichael Cane’s role is wonderful as always, he plays the role of the psychotherapist and thanks to him we know what is really going on, he becomes essential to know what is happening and how Dickinson character feels.\r\nRecently watched this movie for the first time and it is quite predictable; but considering that it was made in 1980, I can see why can be considered a Brian De Palma’s masterpiece.\r\nThe movie uses some fiction-inside-ficition moments in which the characters are dreaming or just thinking, sharing with the spectator their fears and desires.\r\nAs the film progresses, it gets better, the way the information is carefully given to the spectator, with small doses and in a puzzled way ends up giving you the whole picture.