Reviewed by sharonmae
on 19/04/2016 09:22

So funny you can't help but laugh out loud! This charming film  tackles a man's dilemma when the supposed prank of a drawing for a co-worker ends up in a condolence card for his boss who just lost his mother.  The film starts off quite okay but not so engaging but when it came to the part where he was racing through time, hoping to correct his mistake, everything was such a joyride!  Unexpectedly, the boss saw the drawing as a butterfly ( which was his mother's term of endearment for him)  and not the "other" thing that Ed supposed to mean.  To cut the story short, his boss was all praises for him. Well, isn't that so neat!! Impressive cinematography and the acting performance of  the rest of the cast was also commendable.  Highly recommended!