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Dragged Beneath the Shadows

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Dragged Beneath the Shadows

  • USA
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • Canada
  • UK
  • 2023
  • 73 minutes
  • Horror
  • Compilation

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From peasant village witches to high school vampires, sink your teeth into six sinister tales of the supernatural and the inhuman, and find out what lies in wait for you beyond the darkness.

The Wandering Witch dir. Sofìa Carrillo
A day before her son´s wedding, Agustina tries to have the ceremony called off, only to discover that Emilia, the orphan girl betrothed to her son, still has someone ready to come to her defence.

Nightingale dir. Jasper de Bruin
A heavily overworked nurse is being stalked by a mysterious figure during her night shift in the nursing home. While trying to tend to everyone's needs, she also has to deal with her stalker and pushes herself to extremes.

Forever & Ever dir. Xavier Hamel
Awkward and shy student Kate must face her fear of going to prom with Vicky. What awaits her there will change her life forever.

Family History dir. Mark J. Parker
On the anniversary of his mother's mysterious death, a young man brings his new boyfriend home to meet his reclusive, conservative father, and secrets rise to the surface.

The Last Confession dir. Dustin Curtis Murphy
Franz – an old, dying man, and former Nazi – calls a priest to his bedside for his last confession. But Father Kramer finds him chillingly unafraid and unrepentant. The story Franz tells, and what happens next, will go beyond the darkest imaginings of his confessor.

Mirror Gaze dir. Josh Nadler
A grieving mother tries to contact her recently deceased daughter. The result proves scarier than the grief.