Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 29/09/2016 10:53

This documentary follows the journey of Jose Antonio Vargas towards his quest to be legally called an American, having arrived and lived in the US for sometime as undocumented. The film also shows snippets of his past life in the Philippines and aside from the main focus of the film which is about his immigration status, I personally think it's also a personal expression of his yearning and devotion to his mother, despite the distance that separates them. Having lived in the US since he was 12, it has by the time of this film been around  more or less 20 years that he and his mother haven't seen each other yet. There's an emotional scene that I find so genuinely captured, when his mother was interviewed and she was endlessly crying as she recounted how Vargas won't accept her friend request on Facebook.  For a mother it's a big, big blow to the heart, even as it may sound mundane.  Eye-opening and will make viewers become fully aware of the struggles that undocumented immigrants face in the US.  Worth checking out!